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soft99 h 9 glass coat
soft99 h 9 glass coat

Soft99 H-9 Dual Layer Glass Coat

Brand: Soft99

Category: Coatings

100ml base coat, 100ml top coat

Price: PKR 30000


H-9 is a 5 year coating with 9H hardness which is extra-hydrophobic and provide deep gloss that lasts for an amazingly long time. It prevents adhesion of contaminants with its excellent water repellency. It comes as a two layer system. First is the primer or a base coat. Second is the top coat.

How to use the product

  • Before application, be sure to wash, de-iron, polish, and degrease the paintwork.
  • Do not apply all at once. Work panel-by-panel.
  • Be sure to cool the car body if hot.
  1. Set the inner flow-limiter into the neck of Base Coat .
  2. Put a moderate amount of liquid onto the white surface of the sponge and apply to the body in a criss-cross pattern to prevent gaps and unevenness.
  3. Wipe off with attached towel before coated surface gets dry.
  • In cold or otherwise slow-drying environments, immediately repeat Steps 2 & 3 one time.
  1. Shake the Top Coat thoroughly, then set the flow-limiter.
  2. 20-30 minutes after wiping off the Base Coat, put the Top Coat liquid onto the white surface of a new sponge.
  • Apply panel-by-panel in the same order as Base Coat.
  • Be sure to shake the Top Coat thoroughly, ensure there is not sediment present.
  1. When the Top Coat has dried, wipe off with a fresh towel .
  • Reference times for drying: 1 minute in summer, 2-5 minutes in winter.
  1. After coating, leave to cure in a dry place for 12 hours.