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soft99 rubber plastic restoration agentLoading
soft99 rubber plastic restoration agent
soft99 rubber plastic restoration agent

Soft99 Rubber & Plastic Parts Restoration Agent

Brand: Soft99

Category: CoatingsExterior Plastic & Rubber

Coating (15ml) x 1bottle, Hard Sponge x 2pcs, Soft Sponge x 2pcs, Silicone off Wipes x 3sheets, Gloves x 2pcs

Price: PKR 3000


This is a coating to permanently restore faded plastic and rubber trim. This treatment restores the deep darkness, natural gloss, and rich texture of black trim to revitalize your vehicle. The unique coating liquid penetrates into the surface and polymerizes to form a flexible yet glossy surface, making it suitable for restoring both hard plastic and soft rubber!

How to use the product

Note: Apply only to clean, dry, unpainted plastic and rubber.

  1. First clean and degrease the area to be treated using the included 'Silicone Off' degreasing sheets.
    Note: Some textured plastics may pick up fibers from the sheet. Remove these before proceeding. To prevent the sheets from drying out, firmly seal the package between uses.
  2. Cut the sponge according to the area to be treated. The black sponge is for hard plastic, the white sponge is for soft rubber. Apply a small amount of the coating (green label), and spread thinly and evenly across the surface to be treated.
    Note: Some rubber parts may absorb the liquid. Keep applying until enough liquid remains.
  3. After drying for around 5 minutes, use a fresh sheet to lightly wipe up the surface for an even finish. If left for too long, the excess will not be possible to remove.
    Note: Do not touch or wet for 24 hours. Do not reuse sponges that have hardened. If the liquid unintentionally comes into contact with another surface, wipe off immediately.