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soft99 kizu pen

Soft99 Kizu Pen

Brand: Soft99

Category: Paint Repair & Tools


Price: PKR 2200


Kizu Pen is a permanent fix for deep scratches and paint chips where paint is gone to a level which cannot be fixed using compound or polish. This pen is like a crayon colors that kids usually use for coloring. So it's super easy to use because there's no dripping paint from the brush type touch ups.

The tip of the pen is soft, so don't press hard when filling the paint. Otherwise you may damage the pen with some pressure. Gently press against the surface to start filling. Check the video below to get an idea of how this works.

How to use the product

  1. Wash the area of scratch or paint chip thoroughly.
  2. Remove the rust (if present) using sanding paper or using Soft99 Rust Eraser for tight areas.
  3. Clean the scratch or paint chip using wax and grease remover like Silicone Off and cotton bud. You may use paint thinner but be careful with it. Better test paint thinner on inconspicuous area to see it, don't damage the surrounding paint.
  4. Fill the scratch or paint chip using Kizu Pen. You may apply multiple layers to fill it more than enough.
  5. Wait 24 hours and then use compound to smooth the filled area.
  6. It takes a week to fully cure and harden.