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soft99 maxwash 4pockets clothLoading
soft99 maxwash 4pockets cloth
soft99 maxwash 4pockets cloth
soft99 maxwash 4pockets cloth

Soft99 MaxWash 4Pockets Cloth

Brand: Soft99

Category: Towels

640 x 230 mm

Price: PKR 2300


This is a super absorbent drying towel with long and thick bristles (4mm) allow for effective work without streaks and scratches. This towel is recommended for use with Soft99 Rain Drop because it can easily remove the sealant and dry effectively at the same time. The pocket design of the towel will let you handle it easily without accidentally dropping it.

How to use the product

  • By putting both hands in the pockets, the towel can fit to contours and dry large areas.
  • Be sure to avoid touching the ground.
  • Easy fits into the grill or under visors to make drying awkward spots easy.
  • Absorbs well from glass surfaces also.
  • By folding the cloth, absorption power can be increased.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should it be stored?
After use, wring out thoroughly, dry in a ventilated, shaded area, and store. If used with quick detailer or coating, wash first with pH-neutral detergent.

Any tips?
Put hands in the pockets and spread out to clear large areas, while fitting the contours. Fold up to increase absoption power for very wet areas.

What is it made of?
Polyester and nylon